Google is testing end-to-end encryption in Android Messages | GeekComparison

Enlarge / Security padlock on circuit board background. Google has begun rolling out end-to-end encryption for Rich Communication Service, the SMS standard the industry giant is promoting as an alternative to SMS. Abbreviated as RCS, Rich Communication Service offers a, well, richer user experience than the old SMS standard. Type indicators, presence information, location sharing, … Read more

Abusive add-ons aren’t just a problem with Chrome and Firefox. Now it’s Edge’s turn | GeekComparison

Microsoft For years, Google and Mozilla have battled to prevent abusive or downright malicious browser extensions from infiltrating their official repositories. Now Microsoft is entering the fray. For the past few days, people on website forums have been complaining about the Google searches redirecting to oksearch[.]com when using Edge. Often the searches use cdn77[.]org for … Read more

AMD laptops have a hidden performance lag of 10 seconds. This is why | GeekComparison

Enlarge / When running on battery, your new Ryzen 4000 series laptop will only deliver its true performance after about 10 seconds in a full workload. In an embargoed Friday morning presentation, Intel Chief Performance Strategist Ryan Shrout led a group of tech journalists through a presentation aimed at tearing down AMD’s Zen 2 (Ryzen … Read more

WireGuard for Windows 0.3.1 is the release you’ve been waiting for | GeekComparison

Enlarge / I heroically resisted the urge to create a “WireGuard for Workgroups 0.3.1” image for this piece. Jim Salter Last Monday, WireGuard founder and lead developer Jason Donenfeld announced a new WireGuard release for the Windows platform. The release is a godsend for administrators who want to implement WireGuard as a replacement for more … Read more