Gab, a haven for pro-Trump conspiracy theories, has been hacked again | GeekComparison

Aurich Lawson Beleaguered social networking site Gab was hacked Monday, marking the second time in as many weeks that hackers have gained unauthorized access to a platform targeting users pushing hate speech and pro-Trump conspiracy theories. The compromise came to light after someone hijacked the account of Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba and left … Read more

The New York legislature wants to ban the use of armed robots by the police | GeekComparison

New York City Councilman Ben Kallos says he “watched in horror” last month when city police responded to a hostage situation in the Bronx using Boston Dynamics’ Digidog, a remote-controlled robotic dog equipped with surveillance cameras. Pictures of the Digidog went viral on Twitterpartly thanks to them eerie resemblance with machines ending the world in … Read more

Android sends 20x more data to Google than iOS to Apple, study says | GeekComparison

Enlarge / People with insomnia and mobile addiction concepts. This post has been updated to report researcher Doug Leith’s objections to Google’s criticism of his research. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, it continuously sends data including your location, phone number and local network data to Apple or Google. Now a researcher … Read more