The bitcoin blockchain helps prevent a botnet from being taken down | GeekComparison

When hackers insert infected computers into a botnet, they take extra care not to lose control of the server that sends commands and updates to the infected devices. The precautions are intended to thwart security defenders who routinely dismantle botnets by taking over the command-and-control server that controls them in a process known as sinkholing. … Read more

Chip shortage could threaten PlayStation 5 supply over Christmas | GeekComparison

enlarge / To call Sony’s PlayStation 5 “in-demand” would be an understatement. The global semiconductor shortage threatens to curtail PlayStation 5 supplies for the remainder of this year, even as Sony’s gaming chief insisted the company could produce “decent numbers” of its new console in the second half of 2021. . The PS5 has been … Read more

Android users now have an easy way to check the security of their passwords | GeekComparison

Getty Images Google is adding its password checking feature to Android, making the mobile operating system the latest company offering that allows users to easily check if the passcodes they are using have been compromised. Password checking works by checking the credentials entered into apps against a list of billions of credentials compromised by the … Read more