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enlarge hulus The Handmaid’s Talenow available in HDR on some devices.

HDR has been a standard feature of new TVs for years and it would be hard to find many 4K TVs that don’t support HDR. But even if Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBO Max, and others rolled out HDR support for some content, Hulu hasn’t. That finally changed, with a support page on Hulu’s website announcing HDR support for select shows and devices.

Here are the devices Hulu says it now offers HDR streaming on:

  • Roku (HDR-compatible models)
  • Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube devices (HDR compatible models with Fire OS 7 or later)
  • Apple TV 4K (Generation 5 or later)
  • Vizio (HDR-compatible models)
  • Chromecast Ultra (HDR-compatible models)

Hulu says supported formats include HDR-10, HDR-10+ and Dolby Vision. Content that supports HDR gets a special badge so viewers know what they’re getting.

However, the available content is limited. For now, the badge will only appear on select Hulu original series and movies. They contain The Handmaid’s TaleVery reliableCatch-22Happiest Seasonand We workamong only a handful of others.

Hulu has been supporting 4K for a while, although it also made the leap after its competitors. And 4K came in fits and starts: some devices got 4K support, lost it, then got it back.

4K increases the number of pixels compared to HD, resulting in a sharper image. But many people don’t have TVs big enough or close enough to their seats to really see that difference. On the other hand, HDR can be seen at any reasonable viewing distance. It increases the vibrancy of the image, the contrast between light and dark spots, and the depth of the colors in ways that we believe are more impactful than 4K.

Hulu was one of the last services to support HDR, and the vast majority of its library still streams in standard dynamic range.

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