Xiaomi presents the new Loop LiquidCool cooling system – Geekcomparison

The microchips used in smartphones are getting faster, but also hotter at the same time. All phone manufacturers are dealing with this issue, which is why cooling technologies are a primary concern. This is where Xiaomi comes into play: the company has developed Loop LiquidCool, a new cooling system.

The new technology is inspired by solutions adopted in the aerospace industry, and has a double cooling capacity. The use of Loop LiquidCool on new smartphones will not start until 2022, but to mislead the wait, Xiaomi has produced a custom Mix 4 that uses this system.

Run LiquidCool, according to Xiaomi, it must provide temperatures that are at least 5ºC lower than traditional systems† The design is very flexible and perfect for use in any type of smartphone. In this regard, given the release date, it is possible that the first native use of this technology will occur occasionally from the launch of Xiaomi 12or at least Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

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