Xiaomi Mi 12 in December with the new Snapdragon 898 – Geekcomparison

Xiaomi Mi 12 is expected in December, and according to some reliable rumors, it will be the first smartphone to use the new version of the Qualcomm chip. We are talking about the not yet released Snapdragon 898.

It shouldn’t be a big surprise: Qualcomm generally introduces the new edition of its chips towards the end of the year, and the Xiaomi Mi 11 was the first device usedking the Snapdragon 888. Compared to its predecessor, the 898 is expected to be 16% more powerful and will be made with 4nm technology.

Among the other features of the Xiaomi Mi 12 there will be: an LTPO type display† This is a technology that allows you to increase the autonomy of the phone with the same panel output. It will also be equipped with an adaptive refresh rate that can go from 1 Hz to 120 Hz in no time depending on the screen refresh rate required by the situation.

Finally, as far as the battery is concerned, it seems that Xiaomi is making an effort to offer a charge as soon as possible. The rumors speak of a remarkable 100W wireless charging and 120W wired charging

All this information seems realistic, but there’s still a lot we don’t know, just Xiaomi Mi 12: we’ll see what the future holds for this smartphone.

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