Xiaomi has remotely blocked its smartphones in some countries – Geekcomparison

Xiaomi smartphones have been blocked in some markets where the brand does not have a presence. Here’s what we learned this weekend from the Chinese version of the Global Times newspaper reporting how Xiaomi has decided to block its smartphones in countries and regions such as Iran, Cuba, Syria, Crimea, Sudan or even North Korea.

Xiaomi does not have an official presence in many of these markets, but users often take advantage of the black market to get their hands on devices sold in other countries.

In its commercial policy, Xiaomi does not allow its customers to export products to these countries and regions, but this ban has not prevented their traffic. It is to purchase phones in one region and end use in another, the company has decided to nip the matter in the bud.

The company explains that this blocking measure was applied to protect the security of its users’ data, as well as to protect consumer rights. Some observers see it as a sign of US pressure to force Xiaomi to take action against trading its products to countries subject to international sanctions.

Xiaomi speaks for its part of a “temporary” blocking of the affected mobile phones.

As a reminder, the US is keeping an eye on Chinese tech brands and the sometimes obscure trade ties they may have with sanctioned countries. Last year, Reuters published an investigation into the case that Huawei circumvented the US embargo on Iran through Skycom Tech, an entity that Huawei initially presented as a partner but is in fact fully controlled by the group.

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