Xiaomi EV, Xiaomi’s electric car project, is officially registered – Geekcomparison

In March Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, announced the company’s official entry into the electric car marketbusy with a $10 billion investment the next 10 years. Today the dream begins to come true: Xiaomi EV Company Limited is now registered in the commercial register.

Lei Jun will be the legal representative of the new company and will lead the team towards the goal of doubling electric car production. Developments so far are promising: from the moment of the announcement to today Xiaomi EV has received 20,000 resumescarefully select them to form a team of 300 employees.

Recently, Xiaomi has also acquired EV Deep motion technology, an autonomous driving technology company. Xiaomi currently employs 16,000 engineers and the R&D expenditure was the equivalent of: more than one and a half billion dollars. The company’s technological advances in artificial intelligence, new materials and other fields will greatly support the automotive industry.

THE The progress of Xiaomi EV over the past 5 months has been promising. All that remains is to wait and see what the future developments of the Chinese company will be.

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