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Most of the videos available on the web are shot in third person. All very normal as you should have a GoPro Hero 10 Black or record in first person with the smartphone.

But Facebook engineers are interested in the matter, as the social network aims to gain a foothold in this sector with its Ray-Ban connected glasses and the Metaverse dream.

EGO4D project

For all these reasons, Facebook is announcing the launch of “an ambitious long-term project called Ego4D”. The goal is both simple and interesting: “Solve the video challenges first hand” bringing together “13 universities and labs in 9 countries” to teach AI to “understand the world first-hand”. The company plans to “show 2200 hours of first-person video, with more than 700 participants in their daily lives”.

egocentric perspective

The goal can be summarized as follows: “Ego4D will enable to increase understanding of the world through artificial intelligence systems with egocentric (first-person) and long-term perspective of designing smarter home assistants or AR/VR glasses and more compelling.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s company cites another example with… Mark Zuckerberg to support the importance of his project:

A video released a few weeks ago by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed a fencing lesson being filmed in first person, rather than third person as is usually the case on television. Many people noted that Olympic gold medalist Lee Kiefer’s various fencing moves were much more apparent.

This is obviously a long-term project that we won’t know about until the future.

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