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The world of online games is constantly evolving, thanks to constantly updated proposals that are suitable for all tastes. In particular, that of video games for use on mobile devices is an increasingly interesting market, also because of the increasingly advanced technologies available to users: we therefore see in this article some of the must-have titles for smartphones and tablets in this month of September.

NBA 2K Mobile

One of the most interesting games to download in the “Sports” category, NBA 2K Mobile is certainly one of the best possible picks. Focused, as the title suggests, on the great American basketball league and the exploits of its incredible champions.

Highly accurate graphics and high playability make NBA 2K Mobile an indispensable video game for fans of the genre, who can fully relive the emotions of the parquet on their device.

eFootball PES 2021 Mobile and FIFA Mobile Soccer

Staying on the sports field, it is impossible not to also watch the world of football, which has always been one of the most beloved players by gamers. Already available in the “fixed” version for PC and console, the famous game of the Konami brand, it also comes on mobile in an updated form with updated content and graphic improvements.

Characterized by a particular realism, eFootball PES 2021 Mobile is currently one of the must-have titles for fans. Or watch the competition from FIFA Mobile Calcio, PES’s historic rival and which has now also reached incredible levels of quality: for many it’s a genuine choice between one game and the other, but when in doubt, why not try them both ? †

Table hobbies and cards

Another category especially appreciated by mobile users is that of table games and digital casinos, a sector in which there is no shortage of increasingly innovative and exciting proposals. Numerous operators are active in this sector who, through really sophisticated portals and apps, can offer a wide range of games typical of the green table, from the more traditional slot machines and roulette to blackjack and poker tournaments.

The platforms today dedicated to the world of casinos guarantee not only rich catalogs of pastimes, but also a high level of security, dedicated assistance and the maximum user experience, setting themselves as an example of excellence even beyond their own reference sector.

The many who play online at the casino especially appreciate the mobile option, precisely because gender apps, despite special aspects such as security and ease of use, are nowadays an interesting tool to always have fun in your pocket and entertain yourself. even when you are not at home, for example during a break from work or during a moment of waiting.

League of Legends Wild Rift

The MOBA games category has boomed in recent years, thanks to numerous quality proposals that have brought players closer to this mix of action and strategy. Of course, among the most successful titles, it is worth mentioning League of Legends, a game that has already marked the history of this video game genre and is at the top of the download and popularity rankings.

Wild Rift is the new chapter of the saga and promises incredible playability, with very high level graphics and maximum speed: an excellent proposal that, despite being a mobile version, offers all the emotions and quality of the best video games for PC and consoles .

Call of Duty mobile

When we talk about the great classics of video games, Call of Duty is another name that should not be missing from the list. Coming soon, the new mobile version of the world’s most famous shooter will be available on Android, in a feature-packed version that includes deathmatch, 100-player battle royale and zombie mode.


Continuing on the MOBA and action realm, a final mention is reserved for Fortnite, a highly successful video game that has already broken several records over the years.

Fortnite for mobile can be downloaded from Epic Games’ official site, but not from digital stores. It brings all the emotions of a game that needs no introduction to smartphones and tablets: from now on always being able to carry it in your pocket can only be an added value.

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