Want some Ryzen in your Surface? Rumor has it that Microsoft does too | GeekComparison

Promotional image of new notebook computer.
enlarge / Microsoft’s x86_64 Surface Laptop (right) could get an AMD-flavored refresh alongside the usual Intel variants.

According to a report from the German news site WinFuture, Microsoft’s new Surface 4 laptop, which hits the market in April, will offer AMD and Intel processor options side by side.

With the 2020 Surface Laptop 3, only the larger 15-inch model got an AMD option — the smaller 13.5-inch version was only for Intel. But this year with Surface Laptop 4, WinFuture says Ryzen 5 4680U and Ryzen 7 4980U “Surface Edition” CPUs — slightly modified for Microsoft’s tight vertical integration — will also be available in the smaller 13.5-inch Surface laptops.

Both Ryzen processors feature Vega-integrated graphics, and the Surface models are expected to include RAM up to 16 GiB and SSD up to 512 GB, though there’s no word yet on whether the latter two will be soldered or soldered. These Ryzen models will compete with Intel i5-1145G7 and i7-1185G7 Tiger Lake CPUs with Iris Plus 950 graphics; the Tiger Lake models are expected to offer up to 32GiB RAM and 1TB SSD.

We must emphasize that this is still a rumor so far – this information is based solely on a spec sheet that WinFuture claims to have received from an unnamed dealer. Assuming the rumors come true, this is good news for anyone who wants a heavier multicore punch in a new Surface Laptop.

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