vivo brings Extended RAM 2.0 to three new devices – Geekcomparison

vivo announced the integration of the Extended RAM 2.0 feature on its smartphones released in 2021† With this novelty you benefit from: up to 4 GB additional RAMresulting in smoother performance when multitasking.

With the vivo Extended RAM 2.0 you can use part of the internal memory of the smartphone as extra RAM† This can be activated and deactivated as needed, maintaining a high level of fluidity while conserving battery power. These are the words of Ettore Patriarca, Marketing and Retailer Director of vivo Italia.

In vivo, we are constantly looking for solutions that can improve our products and exceed the expectations of our users. The latter feature timely responds to the growing need of users in terms of performance in situations where, for example, there is a need to use multiple apps at the same time. We have not limited ourselves to updating only the mice in the range, but we have also extended this update to mid-range products, allowing a larger number of users to improve their user experience with our smartphones.

Extended RAM 2.0 will be available for several new modelsThere. Vivo X60 Pro goes from 12 to 15 GB, vivo V21 goes from 3 to 4 GB and Y72 goes from 8 to 12 GB.

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