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Among the most anticipated events in view of Christmas, we find Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​Monday. Simon Kucher & Partnersa global consultancy specializing in strategy and marketing, analyzed the purchase intentions of Italians for these two anniversaries and showed us particularly interesting data.

More than 7 out of 10 Italians they stated that they intended to buy something during these days, even if it is lower compared to the previous year (72% vs 78% in 2020). A trend that confirms higher consumption throughout the year.

What is being bought? In the first place we find devices electronicl (64%small household appliances50%) And clothing41%) secured the podium of the most desired categories, followed by lifestyle accessories (36%), books (32%), and beauty products (32%).

The logic of the market also changed due to the pandemic. Those who claim to be affected by COVID19 are reported more interested in shopping (77% vs 65% of those least affected by COVID19), in particular online and near youconfirmation of the pandemic trends.

Average spending this year will be €213, an increase of + 13% compared to 2020 (188 €) and even higher than the pre-pandemic of 2019 (€208)† The trend is confirmed that, on average, men plan higher expenditures (€246) than women (€184).

It will be confirmed again this year the discount paradox: If it’s low it won’t work and if it’s too high it won’t generate additional sales pull. For Italians, the optimal point is between 30% and 40%.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday it really is the cheapest days of the year Go shopping? 40% of Italians identify Black Friday as the one with the best deals, followed by the end-of-season sales 16% and the pre-Christmas deals (11%).

“Despite a gradual return to pre-pandemic consumption and the propensity to spend money, COVID19 has had an indelible impact on consumer buying behaviour: omnichannel, sustainability and distance buying are some examples of factors that will remain crucial in purchasing choices ” comments Francesco Fiorese, Partner of the Milan office of Simon-Kucher & Partners, “That’s why price and discount are not the only levers to bet on. The shopping experience or the promotional range will make all the difference.”

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