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In order to provide its customers with crystal clear sound and high quality overall sound, opposite joined forces with dynaudio in the creation of the new earphones Bluetooth Enco Free2 with active noise cancellation.

The headphones, on sale for 129 euros, are characterized by the ability to intelligently optimize the noise reduction curve based on the structure of each user’s ear canal to ensure the best listening experience for everyone. The custom sound equalizer can be activated through the appropriate functionality of the accompanying HeyMelody app.

The Enco Free2 has a noise reduction depth of up to 42 dB, which demonstrates greater effectiveness in suppressing low-frequency sounds, such as traffic or subway noise.

One of the most advanced features of the Enco Free2 then there are the Triple-Mic Functionwhich allows you to capture the voice more clearly even in the noisiest environments, and the transparency mode, which allows users to hear the surrounding ambient sounds, a useful feature when we do not need to be completely isolated from the environment .

But back to working with Dynaudio: the goal was to make sure that the noise reduction of the Enco Free2 not at the cost of any loss of audio quality. Mission accomplished, as the listening was always balanced, with no excessive cuts in the bass. The autonomy is also in the perfect average of the main high-end competitors: about thirty hours (headphones + case) with the ANC turned off.

That means about six and a half hours with the earbuds and the rest thanks to about three lavish refills of the gems in the case. Approximately four hours of continuous use with noise cancellation enabled. Also very interesting is the possibility to use the headphones as a remote control for the camera application of your smartphone, to take pictures or record a video.

Gamers will also appreciate the low-latency mode (94 ms). The gesture that playback stops when a headset is removed from the earcup also works well.

The headphones have IP54 certification, making them resistant to dust and splash water.

The Oppo Enco Free2 Bluetooth headphones are available in black and white and cost 129 euros.

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