There is a shortage of chips, but Samsung is grateful – Geekcomparison

The semiconductor shortage affecting the hi-tech sector is not bad news for everyone. For Samsung, to date it has been synonymous with: rise in the price of chips making her jump fromoperating profit of 28% in the third quarter of 2021. Specifically, the Korean giant estimates its quarterly profit at 15.8 trillion won (or just over 11.5 million euros). The results are also due to smartphone screen sales, most notably to Apple for its iPhone 13.

As Reuters notes, the Korean manufacturer is posting its highest quarterly profit since Q3 2018. It is also a better-than-expected result. Also according to Reuters, the profit of Samsung’s semiconductor business is up almost 79% year-on-year, thanks to higher prices and shipments, especially of memory chips. Moreover, Semiconductor sales accounted for half of Samsung’s operating profit in the first half of 2021.

However, these excellent numbers are worth analyzing when Samsung releases its detailed results. Some analysts, such as Park Sung-soon, for Cape Investment & Securities, believe that: “The operating margin of the mobile business could have been lower than market expectationswe will have to know the marketing costs and the distribution of the products sold”.

We also learn that the price of memory chips is expected to fall in the next quarter. One reason for this decline could be the beginning of a decline in demand for personal computers, driven by the improvement of the global healthcare environment. The same momentum for the smartphone market, which could also face a drop in sales going forward.

However, Samsung could make up for these few disappointments with the introduction of its own 3nm incisionplanned for early 2022. The idea is, as always, to act as an alternative to TSMC to acquire new customers.

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