The shortage of components will last until 2023 – Geekcomparison

The global lack of computer and console components is the hot topic of the hi-tech sector during this Covid-19 pandemic. A cause because of the extraordinary increase in demand and production difficulties that seem to find no respite. According to a French expert, the situation will not be resolved in less than 2 years and today Intel also supports this theory.

At the CNBC microphone, however, Intel boss Pat Gelsinger wants to reassure me in the medium term.

“We are at the worst time; every quarter of next year we will gradually improve, but the balance between supply and demand will not be reached until 2023.”

If the market were limited to 2023, it is also true that the situation should improve over the months. Some AMD components are starting to circulate, as is the availability of PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, tension is felt in the market when product announcements register non-immediate availability, as is the case with Seagate or Huawei.

Pat Gelsinger also points to Intel’s other problems facing the industry, besides the lack of chips.

“We are talking about incomplete sets, where we may have the processor, but not the LCD screen or Wi-Fi. For example, data centers struggle with some power chips. †

This is a dynamic that Xbox boss Phil Spencer had already pointed out when explaining the manufacturing issues of the Xbox X series and S series. In addition to manufacturing the main chip, Microsoft has a hard time stocking up on simple components like the Ethernet port. RJ45 from the console.

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