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It was an icon of the 80s, but is about to be reborn from the ashes. The Postal Market Catalog in fact, it’s back on newsstands in October, with a major editorial-commercial resurgence, driven by the image of Diletta Leottaformer Sky presenter and now the sports face of Dazn.

The strategy is based on careful mix of tradition and modernity† The base formula is dusted off almost intact. The Postalmarket catalog will be purchased on newsstands from October for a price of 9.90 euros, but there is the possibility to pre-order a copy from the website by paying 6.90 and have it delivered directly to your home. have it delivered without shipping costs. together with a voucher of 10 euros.

In practice, as in the past, the list price is covered by the discount on the first purchase.

So much for the tradition. Modernity, on the other hand, will also see the printed catalog reproduced online with greater width and depth of articles. The cut of the paper catalog becomes that of a magazine, full of current affairs and costume articles.

The target isn’t teenagers, of course, but audiences in their thirties (and even beyond), with the addition of some 80s nostalgia (and there won’t be a few!).

To start again, bet on Diletta Leotta, a famous person, very present on social networks and on the pages of tabloid magazines. The TV presenter, star of countless famous flirts, was the hit of the summer, mainly thanks to liaison person With the’Turkish actor Can Yaman and he’s been talking a lot about himself lately, including before the lavish party being organized for his thirtieth birthday.

On the other hand, even in the past, the most famous faces of film and entertainment were in the Postalmarket catalogue, from Cindy Crawford to Claudia Schiffer, from Carla Bruni to Monica Bellucci as the blonde protagonist proudly noted in an Instagram post. But Ornella Muti, Dalila Di Lazzaro, Milly Carlucci, Ornella Vanoni, Barbara D’Urso have also passed on her covers, just to name a few.

Postalmarket wants a reference point of Made in Italy† Not an easy task, given the hustle and bustle of online offers and the competition from the many platforms available.

But the challenge will undoubtedly remain exciting.

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