The Pixel Fold may have been removed – Geekcomparison

In July of this year, we received leaks about the future arrival of the Pixel Fold, Google’s entry into the folding market. However, fans may be in for an unpleasant surprisenasty: the same source who had initially confirmed the advent of the smartphone now disproves it.

It seems that many vendors have indicated that Google will not be marketing the Pixel Fold. In fact, it seems that many of the parts orders have been cancelled, due to the low competitiveness of the product and the price, which would have been higher than Samsung’s leaflets.

The Pixel Fold was soon to arrive and even though the cancellation is not official yet, the news comes from a reliable source† It is said to have a 120Hz display, a Pixel 5 like camera system and high power efficiency.

In the past there was also a second foldable smartphoneother than the Fold. We don’t know if the cancellation is only limited to the last oneor if a Google folder remains, at least for now, just a dream in the drawer.

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