The PayPal app now with artificial intelligence and machine learning – Geekcomparison

Customer-oriented, practical, intelligent. PayPal launches its new app (already available for download at android app store and iOS) to allow its users: manage digital payments more efficiently† And to achieve this goal, what we can define a “digital wallet” is powered by advanced artificial intelligence and technology machine learning

PayPal app lets you send and receive money to friends, family and businesses, pay with QR codes to make purchases, but also supporting charities and charities. In addition, it includes a customizable dashboard, a “wallet” tab to manage payment tools, and a payment hub with features for sending and receiving money, international transfers, donations to nonprofits, and a new linked messaging feature. to payments between friends and family.

The new dashboard The PayPal app gives you a personalized overview of the account and services you already use, as well as discovering new features in the app. It also allows customers to take quick actions and view reminders.

The new PayPal app also introduces a new private messaging feature which allows two users to communicate after a money transfer between friends and family, to confirm receipt, send a thank you note, confirm the details of the transaction or otherwise, directly in the app.

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