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Apple will no longer sell the iMac Pro after current stock runs out, the company has confirmed.

In recent days, online Apple Store customers noticed that the iMac Pro’s usual plethora of configuration options had been stripped down significantly. The online store also stated that the iMac Pro on offer would be available “while supplies last”. This led to suspicions that the product was not long before this world.

Shortly thereafter, several outlets, including TechCrunch, received confirmation from Apple that these changes do indeed indicate the product has been discontinued.

The 27-inch iMac Pro hadn’t been updated in a significant way since it was first introduced in 2017. And since then, the most expensive configurations of the regular 27-inch iMac have given the iMac Pro a run for its money in terms of performance and functions.

Until then, Apple says the non-Pro 27-inch iMac is the most popular iMac, and the expensive but powerful Mac Pro is available for those who need more powerful hardware for certain use cases.

Apple updated the 27-inch iMac last summer, shortly after announcing that the entire Mac product line would transition from Intel CPUs to Apple’s own custom-engineered silicon.

Bloomberg and others have cited those familiar with Apple’s plans to report that the company expects to update the iMac with a new design and Apple Silicon processors later this year, along with similar updates to the MacBook Pro and a redesigned MacBook Pro later this year. MacBook Air.

The Mac Pro isn’t expected to get an Apple Silicon version until sometime next year, and some reports have indicated that a smaller Apple Silicon Mac Pro could co-exist with the larger Intel-based tower PC for at least a while.

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