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A creative afternoon spent in the company of Ale Giorginic And Antonio Colombiatwo illustrators of the TOILET PAPER Homea laboratory house founded by the artist Maurizio Cattelan and the photographer PierPaolo Ferrari in Milan, and which recently opened its doors in via Balzaretti.

The idea to visit the house came from Huawei, who with his new MatePad 11 Tabletwanted to demonstrate how it is possible to draw, write with the stylus (the M pencil), in short, to give free rein to your creativity.

And so, between mirrors, paintings, sofas, lamps, photographs and cult objects from the 60s, we colored and elaborated some of the most iconic works exhibited in the laboratory house, using the Adobe Sketch softwareavailable on the AppGallery.

An alternative way to discover the potential of Huawei’s first tablet with HarmonyOS operating system, which offers a large screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a Second Generation M-Pencil equipped with a platinum-coated tip, with low latency (2 ms) and support for 4,096 pressure sensitivity levels.

This made both the writing and freehand drawing seem particularly natural and fluid.

In my work it is important to experiment and I like to try out different devices to get the desired result. Without valid technical help it is not possible to create, not even to start with an excellent idea. From the MatePad 11, I really appreciate the quality of the screen for the color reproduction and the intuitive use of all functions, including that of connection to the MateView monitor. Addressing this workshop was also a big challenge from this point of view, to show that you can reach a professional level with a device designed for everyone.”Continues Antonio Coloboni.

Ale Giorgini repeated to him:I have been using MatePad 11 for a while now and it has always amazed me with its great versatility. The combination with the M-Pencil allows you to create unlimited subjects from different subjects. It is an excellent working tool for a professional in the sector, but at the same time also knows how to put beginners at ease. With some practice, designing and creating content with shapes and colors will become natural and easy for everyone

Multi-screen collaboration

The tablet offers many extremely useful modes: including the now famous Multi-screen collaboration between tablet and PC which is divided into three different working modes. In Mirror mode, the PC screen is mirrored on the tablet screen; in extended mode users can get a second PC screen, creating more workspace. finally, the Collaboration Mode enables true cross-platform interactions between HarmonyOS 2 and Windows, allowing users to transfer content such as text, images and documents between connected devices with a simple drag and drop. In addition to multi-screen collaboration, the all-new multi-window feature supports viewing up to four apps simultaneously.

MatePad 11: Prices and Promotions

Until October 31 HUAWEI MatePad 11 is available in the 6 + 128 GB version for the price of 449.99 euros including Smart Magnetic Keyboard. The 6 + 64 GB version is available exclusively on Huawei storewith included Smart Magnetic Keyboard and M-Pencil for 399.90 euros.

All online purchases on Huawei e-commerce benefit from the fast delivery service, with free shipping on the purchased product and delivery within one or two working days, as well as free returns within 14 days of purchase along with a dedicated assistance service. 7 days per week.

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