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For months, staying at home is no longer an invitation but an obligation. Social distancing must be respected, wear a mask and avoid going outside as much as possible to prevent infections from spreading again and stricter measures must be taken. Of course, the impact on the mental health of citizens is not indifferent and finding useful activities to pass the time is becoming a necessity.

Financial, economic, but also social crisis

There’s the elderly who can’t leave the house, the nurse who fears being infected by his patients, the debt-ridden businessman who is forced to sell the company. The pandemic has turned the lives of all citizens upside down and some have their backs against the wall. In fact, the number of suicides and suicide attempts has increased, especially among people who already had mental disorders. The main causes are the financial crisis and social isolation, which will weigh heavily in the long run. It is therefore essential to find useful or fun activities to do at home, to forget the outside world for a while.

Play online casinos from home

Gambling is easy and fun these days. It can access online casinos from the comfort of your home, via your computer or smartphone, and can choose from the many games on offer. The most important thing is to choose the right site, preferably Italian online casinos and AAMS certified, as this license guarantees transparency, security and reliability. In addition to this first selection, you can choose according to your personal preferences and register on the site with the most attractive offer. The welcome bonus is also an important factor: new members often receive an extra amount to spend and free spins to use on slots.

Which casino to choose?

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Starting a new TV series on Netflix

It’s the best time to restore all those “abandoned” TV shows, or start new ones. The innovations introduced in January are:

– History of Bad Words (complete series);

– Suits (season 9);

– Dawson’s Creek (complete series).

Alternatively, two films have re-entered the Netflix catalog in January that are sure to get people talking about themselves: Pieces of a Woman, which deals with the delicate theme of pregnancy, and The White Tiger, which tells of the success of an entrepreneur who started low.

Renew your home

Admittedly, it is still winter and it is too early for the change of season. But nothing prevents you from cleaning and tidying up your house in early spring. You can go room by room, so as not to overload yourself with work, and also do all those chores that are constantly put off: repairing sweaters, taking care of the maintenance of appliances, replacing a light bulb that burned out months ago or dedicating yourself to gardening. With the remaining energy, you can also browse a catalog of furniture and do some shopping, exclusively online.

find yourself

In this stressful time it is essential to keep your inner balance and take good care of yourself. This can result in a warm bath, a few minutes of meditation, or perhaps a little exercise every day. An interesting choice could be not to use your smartphone for at least the first 30 minutes after you wake up: it has been shown to help you be more productive and less stressed during the day.

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