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Today, smartphone screens have surpassed all limits and 6-7 inch screens have now become an everyday standard.

if you love use the phone with one hand or just put it in a pocket of skinny jeans, don’t despair! Some brands resist the temptation of large screens with excellent compact models without restrictions in terms of technical characteristics.

Here’s our pick of the best 5-inch compact smartphones in 2021.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Despite rumors of a possible retirement of the format, the iPhone mini 13 has been announced by Apple. Despite a 5.4-inch screen, larger than that of the iPhone SE 2020, the 13 mini manages to be more compact thanks to its thinner edges and despite its thickness, the phone is still pleasant to use with one hand. to fit comfortably in your pocket.

It uses exactly the same components as its big brother, the iPhone 13. So we are dealing with the powerful A15 Bionic processor accompanied by a larger battery. On balance, this means that in a day of moderate/heavy use, the iPhone 13 mini can last almost a day without charging it.

The model then inherits the sensors from the iPhone 12 Pro, resulting in significantly improved low-light performance.

Asus ZenFone 8

After the arrival of the iPhone 12 mini, there was hope that some Android manufacturers would try to offer their own high-end compact smartphone. Asus is therefore the first to respond with the Zenfone 8 and its “only” 5.9-inch screen.

It must be admitted that, despite the edges, the Zenfone 8 is very compact and pleasant to use. Measuring 68.5 x 148 x 8.9 mm, it is easy to handle with one hand and fits effortlessly into slimmer jeans. Among the easily discernible details we point out the IP68 certification, a notification LED and even a jack (which shows that this is possible even on a small smartphone …).

The 5.9-inch OLED panel offers good density and high brightness. Features 120Hz technology that is automatically activated in compatible apps. As for the processor, Asus has not spared by choosing the Snapdragon 888, the most powerful SoC currently available on Android.

The photo module is content with only two sensors, including an ultra-wide angle lens. Despite this weakness, the Zenfone 8 turns out to be a good smartphone overall and the best option for Android enthusiasts at the moment.

Apple iPhone SE 2020

The latest phone under 5 inches is from Apple offering the iPhone SE 2020, with a 4.7-inch screen. Despite its small size, it has the merit of being particularly powerful thanks to the integration of the A13 Bionic processor, the same as the iPhone 11 Pro, but in an iPhone 8 housing.

Thanks to the thick edges, we save little space compared to an iPhone 11 Pro: about 6 mm less in height and 4 mm in width. On the other hand, there is a noticeable gain in thickness and weight. Remember it is also the cheapest iPhone on the market today and the last iPhone with a physical button “Home”

You will only be able to rely on a single photo sensor on the back. Forget versatility, but it still works well in most situations. The smartphone is IP67 certified, making it the smallest raincoat at the moment. On the other hand, the battery life is not very noticeable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Despite being 6.7 inches, you might be wondering why the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is also in this roster. Closed on its own, the Z Flip 3 is really tiny and will easily fit even the worst slim jeans in your wardrobe.

Samsung continues to take care of the design and especially the finish, the phone is finally waterproof. Progress continues on the screen whose folding is becoming more and more discreet and now displays 120Hz. The hinge is very pleasant to use and the open/close switch is painless. If the Snapdragon 888 is a racehorse, the battery is small.

Boasting a large screen in an ultra-compact space, the Z Flip 3 is a phone in its own right, with its imperfections but a pleasant experience.

Google Pixel 5

Despite its nearly 6-inch screen, the Pixel 5 surprises with its small size and light weight. It is perfect for those looking for a simple experience. Not only is the Pixel 5 easy to store in your pocket, but it excels in its sobriety and really takes the user by the hand to let them enjoy all its features.

It also has a great camera, the best for moving subjects, such as noisy animals. Average battery life, an excellent 90Hz display and a clean interface. The only real weakness is the processor Snapdragon 765G† But again, the Pixel 5 prefers simplicity over power.

Google Pixel 4

Together with Apple, Google is one of the few major manufacturers that offers relatively compact and high-quality smartphones. However, the Pixel 4a is cheaper than Apple models. If its Snapdragon 730G isn’t a monster of strength, Google’s optimization of Android 11 makes for a very comfortable user experience. Work that translates into the transition to better autonomy that allows you to end the day without fear.

But it’s especially in the photos that the Pixel 4a shines. It’s simple: it effortlessly stands out as one of the most talented smartphones in the photography department.

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