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During the event of this morning (here you will find the new 8K TVs) TCL also presented some new products for the smart home that will arrive in the coming months. Here you will find the models presented in April 2021, for a quick comparison). Let’s look at them in detail.

refrigerators: Cross Door RP470CXE0 and the Side by Side RP631SSE0

Here are the two chiller models presented by TCL. RP470CXE0, the classic model, now includes two drawers for cool rooms with compartments specially designed for maintain a humidity level of 90%. In terms of design, it features vertical LED lighting on the sides and a matte stainless steel finish that resists fingerprints and scratches.

Side by side model RP631SSEO

TCL also unveiled the new RP631SSE0an extra-large 631L refrigerator to be officially launched in the European market in October. This model features an inverter compressor, AAT technology and multiple and homogeneous airflow for food preservation. gracouple the Swing flow function, the cold air is consistently spread by continuous jets that oscillate to keep the temperature at a stable freshness level. The new system ensures that food stays fresh for longer, as opposed to blowing air directly which causes food to dry out and freeze. Leaving the refrigerator door open a little longer is no longer a problem either: once the door is closed, it returns to the ideal temperature 20% faster compared to a traditional refrigerator.

The new TCL C470 refrigerator with integrated display was also shown during the event

P082 Series Washing Machines

There P082 Series with 8, 9 and 10 kg washing machines and the 8 + 5 kg washer dryer combination will be launched in October for the European market. It is powered by a engine digital converter brushless which, by reducing the vibrations of the drum, makes the products more durable, namely has a 10-year warranty. The 8kg, 9kg and 10kg automatic dosing washing machines measure the laundry weight of each load and calculate the amount of detergent and fabric softener needed for each wash cycle.

In addition, the washing machine is enhanced by the steam function that eliminates bacteria Most common, for better hygienic protection. At the same time, this function allows you to make the fibers of the garments even softer, reducing the ironing time. The 8 + 5 kg washing machine and dryer is also equipped with air changean economical and disinfecting program, which allows you to refresh and soften the garments by generating a micro-steam that penetrates the fibres, to remove odors and eliminate common bacteria. In this way it is possible to always have fresh and perfumed clothes and avoid long washes, to preserve the duration of the most delicate fabrics and to respect the environment more.

The model was also revised X10 a futuristic washing machine equipped with Screen and double basket.

Washing machine X10

Breeva air purifiers

Breeva A5winner of the Red Dot Design Award, it is both a smart air purifier and a stylish home decoration. It has an advanced filter system 5-in-1 , TRUE HEPA H13 filter and UV-C light. breevaShield. Can delete over 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses such as H1N1† The laser dust sensor and VOC sensor allow users to monitor air quality in real time. ‘at night, TCL Breeva A5 provides a perfect environment to help you sleep better, thanks to the night mode of only 26 dB and the ambient lighting control.

Breeva A5

Robot vacuum cleaner

Sweeva 6500 is TCL’s top-of-the-line robot vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with an additional tank for automatic emptyingplaced in the charging station and the latest LDS navigation system. It has a suction power of 2,700 Pascals and multiple sensors. It not only sucks up dust, but also allows you to sterilize the floor and remove pollen, allergens and animal dandruff. This is thanks to the integrated UV-C light and the washable HEPA filter.

Sweeva 2000

Thanks to the app TCL Home, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, users can even fully control this device remotely. Also via the app TCL at home, you can create a custom house map and easily draw up a cleaning plan. You can create and save multiple cards to make cleaning your house easier.

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