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TCL today announced its latest mini LED TVs at its Transcend Vision themed launch event X seriesincluding the X92 Pro Series Mini LED 8K OD Zero and the X92 Series 8K Mini LED TV† The X92 Pro series will be available in the 85” version, while the X92 series in the 65” and 75” versions.

Image quality

TCL therefore focuses on Mini-LED technology which, thanks to a larger number of LEDs, produces more contrast control areas. Unlike the OLEDIn fact, where each pixel turns on and off individually, what is needed here is a panel that illuminates the individual pixels from behind. However, pixels which in turn break down to be less invasive. The series X92 Pro Mini LED OD Zero in fact you haven size 700 times thinner than conventional LEDs† This allows a reduced thickness to be achieved, allowing even an ultra-thin profile. The new X Series is also 8K certified to ensure a true Ultra HD experience. It also offers 8K resolution and upscaling for more content. With TCL QLED, the X Series improves color volume by more than 100%, covering over a billion shades.

X92 Pro Series – 8K Mini LED TV

Top audio

For a high-quality audio experience, the X92 Pro series offers 5.1.2 channel audio with 25 speakers and 160 watts audio output creating a real dome of sound. Instead, the X92 series has 2.1 channels and an output power of 60 watts. Both the X92 Pro Series and the X92 Series feature an audio system with Onkyo hardware and Dolby Atmos technology

Design, gaming and Google TV

As for the design TCL has chosen for a brushed aluminum housing, embellished with some details such as: leather speaker† From the point of view of technical solutions, there are instead the side speakers for a sound that should therefore be more enveloping.

Much attention was also paid to the gaming† On board we find HDMI 2.1 input and Wi-Fi 6 for above average performance† Then there’s the refresh rate of 120 Hz to prevent annoying light lines in the most fast shooters (TCL has developed a collaboration with Activity for the new Call of Duty).

Of course, it also concerns Smart TV. The X92 Pro series and X92 series are equipped with Google TV, which brings together movies, shows and more. visually and socially, the new X-series from TCL offers unlimited connection possibilities. Both X92 Pro series and X92 series have Google Duo preinstalled, allowing for more direct video calls. The new X Series is also pre-programmed with an assortment of gesture instructions, so users iCommunicate with the TV with just the gesture commandmove your hands without using the remote control or voice commands

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