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TCL anticipates everyone and presents its new products a few days before the official start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the fair that opens next Monday. Let’s look at all the news in order.

TCL NXTWEAR G Portable Screen

The glasses TCL NXTWEAR G Portable Screen provide a smart viewing experience for all users, become a portable screen for movie buffs, an immersive world for gamers or a private space at home, work or on the go. NXTWEAR G combines a sophisticated, foldable frameless design with a comfortable fit, for a premium look and feel.

Charging is not necessary; The glasses are plug-and-play and can therefore be supplied with power via a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Dual 1080p High Definition Sony FHD Micro OLED displays are perfectly positioned to deliver a home theater aspect ratio, and in no time at all, NXTWEAR G emulates a 140-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

NXTWEAR G is compatible with over 100 smartphones, 2-in-1 devices and laptops from all major manufacturers.

Multi-screen collaboration

TCL’s Multi-Screen View is available on a variety of mobile devices and provides a continuous flow of information as the user switches smoothly between devices.

Windows 10 users can edit, share and control content on their TCL smartphone wirelessly right from their computer. Connected to the TCL 20Pro 5G, a laptop has easy access to phone files and photos, Android apps and a shared clipboard. When you switch from your laptop to a TCL 10 TABMAX tablet, you can enjoy a split screen experience, with smartphone notifications appearing on the tablet even when the phone is in your bag or pocket, allowing you to focus on only one screen at a time. to concentrate. time.

Device collaboration also works on TVs. You can watch high-resolution movies captured on your TCL 20Pro 5G or listen to music directly through the high-quality speakers of TCL TVs.

MOVETIME Family Watch 2

Based on the success of the original MOVETIME Family Watch, the new TCL smartwatch is dedicated to the little ones, but at the same time a tool to give parents maximum peace of mind. The device offers a more accurate location, an improved camera, a larger screen and 40% more battery capacity.

And when it comes to safety, MOVETIME Family Watch 2 uses geolocation to display the wearer’s real-time location and record all movements. Safe Zone geofencing also ensures that if children stray from the designated area, an immediate alert is sent to their parents’ phone.

4G connectivity, video calls and text messages can be activated with a nano SIM card, allowing parents to communicate directly with their children. A one-touch SOS call button also allows young users to reach emergency contacts in the event of an emergency.

TCL has a User Interface for Kids especially for the 1.54-inch screen. The smart and easy-to-use Kids UI allows children to personalize their home screen with colorful backgrounds.

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