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The release of the powerful Steam Deck handheld console it was announced in December 2021. Unfortunately, a post on the company’s blog indicated that this deadline will not be met.

Steam writes: “The Steam Deck launch has been delayed for two months. We apologize for the delay”† The reasons for the delay are the usual ones: “We’ve done our best to circumvent global supply chain issues, but material shortages are preventing components from arriving at our manufacturing facilities on time to meet initial launch deadlines.”

The console FAQ has been updated with more details: “Missing parts and logistical issues caused Steam Deck to be released late. We will do our best to improve the new booking program. We will keep you updated on its evolution over time”

Not until February 2022

In August 2021, at the time of the console’s announcement, the shortage issues were already known. Either Steam had underestimated the difficulties this would entail, or the console is “a victim of its success” and Valve is struggling to cope with the volume of orders.

Anyway, the lucky few who managed to pre-order the first wave of consoles, slated for December 2020, shouldn’t see their console coming. before February 2021.

All postponed

The calendar displayed on bookings by two The Verge reporters shows that all bookings are also delayed by at least two months. The specialist site explains that one of its reporters, who was supposed to receive the consul in December, now sees his booking postponed until “First quarter 2022”† Others who should have received it in Q1 will now see it listed “Second Quarter”

And the calendar of future bookings? At the time of writing, if you order a Steam Deck, Valve’s website states that you won’t be able to receive the order until Q2 2022. This deadline was already visible before Valve’s announcement of the postponement. A move to the third quarter in the coming days would not be surprising.

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