Some issues at launch for the Pixel 6 – Geekcomparison

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are shipping to available countries and many are already starting to report some issues. Previous generations of Pixels were already subject to several issues at launchand some unlucky users have already started sharing some of the quirks they encountered.

Some issues seem to be related to a strange color appearing on the screen. Several users have reported that the screen takes on a green tint, others a pink tint† Such cases are quite common with OLED displays, but in this case they seem to present themselves slightly differently depending on the device. Several users have confirmed this so it doesn’t appear to be a completely isolated issue.


Another problem is always the screen. According to some users, pressing the power button on the Pixel 6 when it is turned off causes strange graphics errors† This was also reported by several people.


Finally, here’s a particularly bizarre story. After receiving your Pixel 6 Pro model, One user noted that the device featured not one, but two overlapping selfie camera holes† Google has taken steps to replace the phone immediately so nothing to worry about if it happens to you too.

Except for the double hole, it is still unclear whether these are hardware or software problems† That said, the Pixel 6 family it will not arrive in Italy until 2022so all these errors will most likely be fixed.

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