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A study on smartphones in the United States, published by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) and distributed by 9to5Mac, highlights the differences between Android and iOS users that are not just limited to the presence of the Lightning cable or not.

For example, we find that iPhone users take better care of their smartphones on average, as more than 65% of identified iPhones still have a screen in good condition after one year of use, compared to 60% of Android phones.

iPhone users are more likely to trade in their smartphone for a trade-in offer, while Android users will keep their old models.

The battery life, on the other hand, seems to be in favor of Android phones. If after a year of use, 30% of Android owners say they can use their smartphone for another day without any problems, only 23% of iPhone users can say the same.

For CIRP, smartphones are becoming even more resilient than previous generations. In fact, only 10% of iOS and Android users say their phone is completely unusable after a year. In terms of autonomy, this figure rises to 20%.

As a result, the research finds that phones are less likely to be replaced and are often “given to a family member, sold, or kept for future use.”

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