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Facebook wants to open its sales channels through its apps to replace websites. For this, Mark Zuckerberg has announced some commercial news that will be on Facebook, Instagram and especially WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, Marketplace and Instagram

A ‘store view’ tab for messages will be available soon WhatsApp Business which not only allows you to chat with sellers, but also directly buy a product.

However, the news doesn’t stop there. Upwards marketplaceused by 1 billion people monthly via the Facebook app, “Registration is facilitated”he explains without giving further details.

Upwards Instagramthe visual search will be improved to “discover products based on the images that inspire us. In addition, the advertising system associated with the stores of the three applications will also try to redirect you to the stores that are for you ” chosen”.

Interestingly, Facebook used the valuable user data for mainly two purposes: to try to keep the user logged in for as long as possible and to sell it for the purpose of creating targeted ads. The Californian company will now do it without an intermediary (websites) so that we can buy directly within the ecosystem.

These new products are already available in the United States and we are sure they will arrive in Italy soon.

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