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After months of preparation, on September 22 and 23, the curtain goes up The next 2.0, an exhibition format that was tested for the first time last year to present the novelties of the autumn-winter collections. Not to give up on the now-recurring fall deal with commerce, SBS hosted The Next 2.0, an event that, in line with government regulations, allows you to meet customers in person and show them the new solutions for the coming months. The face-to-face confrontation remains an important moment for us to share and consolidate relationships.

The technological innovations

The new products present at The Next 2.0 are numerous and concern all product categories. Among the most important we mention: Chanethe newbies earplugs from the Jaz range characterized by extravagant fabric finishes; the line of designer gaming headsets and headsets Music Hero; the new protections for iPhone 13 and tablets; accessories to protect Airpods and Airpods Pro Max from bumps and scratches. Important innovations also concern car mounts: magnetic solutions, for vents and windshield, that adapt to different types of cars and new needs, such as, for example, the support compatible with charging MagSafe† In addition to Energy, Audio, Protections, Utilities, SBA has expanded the Sport & Wellness range and renewed the world of Services by introducing the new Fast Skin 3.0 machine: an evolution of 2.0, it presents technical improvements to both the hardware and the software side for an experience of increasingly direct and interactive use and in addition it allows the use of the entire Fast Skin system.

Water, land and air: the SBS revolution

SBS Cafe has been transformed by architects and designers into a beautiful setting to amaze and engage guests, showcase new products and affirm our commitment to a more eco-sustainable world. Through a studied path, customers will discover the three elements on which SBS carries out its mission: Water, Earth, Air.

SBS Cafe

This year, guests will find it difficult to recognize the SBS Café environments. To further contextualize the important eco-sustainable projects an original wooded area has even been created, characterized by laurel plants and tamarind moss. In particular, this moss is collected in harmony with nature, protects the wooded areas as much as possible and is preserved with non-toxic and antibacterial components that do not pollute. In addition, some of the furniture accessories in this field are made of OSB 3 wood panels, a material we chose because it has a low ecological impact, as it is not only highly recyclable, but also made by recycling wood chips and shavings.

This setting fits perfectly with the green path of SBS e spotlights conscious choices to protect the planet and biodiversity. zeroCO2: reforestation with a high social impact. The Next 2.0 is an opportunity to officially present the participation in the reforestation project of zeroCO2, an Italian company whose main goal is to face the climate crisis by nurturing a model of sustainable development through projects, not just reforestation, but also afforestation and massive tree planting in urban and suburban areas in various places around the world. zeroCO2 also directly manages the tree planting process, they grow until the moment of delivery to the farming communities: each tree is in fact donated to local farmers who, by taking care of it, will benefit from the fruit produced. This project makes our idea of ​​environmental and social sustainability even more concrete: together we have even developed a three-year program that, by planting forest and fruit trees in Italy, Guatemala and Peru, absorbs the emissions of greenhouse gases – responsible for global warming. soil -, supports rural communities and contributes to the local economy.

The revolution starts with the packaging

Completely revolutionizing packaging is a lengthy process. SBS has already started this in 2019 by launching the Oceano and Eco Pack lines. Now all new products in the catalog are born with completely plastic-free packaging. It is our moral duty to make the packaging of our products more sustainable. That is why we have set ourselves three important goals that we must achieve by 2023:

– remove the plastic completely;

– Our commitment to using recycled paper;

– reduce packaging material to facilitate its disposal.

The collaboration with Marevivo

Environmental protection is a value that has guided our company for some time. The partnership signed in 2019 with Marevivo – an ONLUS committed to the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development, with many years of experience in protecting the sea and its resources – has in fact given way to the important green turning point of SBS. Today, two years after that signature, the Oceano collection continues to represent an important line of accessories for us with which we can support the causes of the ONLUS. The joint commitment to creating an environmental sustainability awareness plan has never been more vibrant: Oceano and Marevivo now accompany us in all our online and offline activities. During the event, in the special corner, there will be interesting new products that renew the collection and confirm our attention to the protection of the sea and its resources.

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