Samsung updates the Galaxy S21 by turning it into a smart key for your car – Geekcomparison

For quick and comprehensive updates, Samsung is one of the most respected manufacturers. Currently, the company is releasing the latest October 2021 security update for its Galaxy S21 series of phones, and along with the patch, the support for digital key control which until now was only available in Korea.

Notably, the update is rolling out to more regions, including Germany, the Philippines, India, and South Korea. For other regions, the update brings the level of the security patch to the last month and also brings some fixes for minor issues.

However, for South Korea, at the time of writing, the update also adds the digital key control function for supported cars. The feature is available for Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra phones on Samsung Pass to use it digitally on some models from Audi, BMW, Genesis and Ford.

What operations can be monitored or performed? You can easily open or close the car doors using an NFC tag, start the car engine, simply by placing the phone on the wireless charging pad.

Samsung plans to bring this new digital car key control feature of the Galaxy S21 to other countries soon, including the United States and the United States.Italy

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