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We know that Samsung has now established itself in the foldable device market: this is evidenced by the clamor caused by the presentation of the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 And Galaxy Z Fold 3† But the South Korean company has no intention of stopping there. To iMid (International meeting on information display), held in Seoul, was presented with a screen that can be folded three times. The name is Samsung Flex In & Out.

It’s still a prototype, but it’s fully functional: an OLED screen that literally splits three. In its most compact form, the Flex In & Out screen is comparable in size to a normal smartphone, that’s 7.2 inches, and can be easily transported. However, when deployed this turns into a tablet in 16:9 format† In addition, the three parts each support multitasking, allowing you to keep three windows open at the same time.

The device is thick enough, so who is not very comfortable to carry in your pocket. But there’s no denying that this is certainly a very interesting product, and much easier to carry around than a bulky tablet. Its multitasking functionality also makes it ideal for work. Samsung Flex In & Out is, as said, just a prototype† We’ll see if Samsung decides to apply this technology to a future device, perhaps even more refined.

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