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We could be in the presence of a historic turning point. Samsung received a total of 920,000 pre-orders for Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Fold3 5G in South Korea from August 17 to 23.

This means that – in terms of orders in the first week – the two smartphones with foldable screen have already surpassed the number registered during the same period by the Galaxy Note20 and even Galaxy S21 models.

This is a strong signal, telling us that the times, for the foldable phone, they seem to be really ripe. The comparison with last year’s Galaxy Z Fold2 is perhaps even more telling: Just two days before the second-generation fold went on sale, Korean sites reported 60,000 pre-orders.

Orders are broken down as follows: most preferences seem to go to the cheaper Galaxy Z Flip3, which accounts for about 70% of reservations, while the more expensive Z Fold3 accounts for the remaining 30%. At least that’s what Bloomberg’s Sohee Kim reports.

In order to better interpret this data, the price difference between the two models should not be forgotten (the Fold costs about 60-70% more). So Z-fold3 has registered more than four times as many pre-orders compared to its predecessor. This is of course only the South Korean market, but demand in Europe also appears to be strong, stronger than Samsung had expected.

Yesterday, the South Korean manufacturer emailed customers in Germany that their order might be delayed due to high demand. The same could happen in the UK and France, with some delivery dates for the Galaxy Z Flip3 being pushed back to September 9, or even beyond.

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