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AND Realme the fastest growing brand in the world of smartphone† According to data released by the market research institute: Counterpointfrom Q3 2018 to Q2 2021 Realme reached the sixth position in the global market in just three years.

The manufacturer explains: “In a highly competitive market, characterized by strong barriers to entry and a very high customer satisfaction requirement, Sky Li, founder and CEO of Realme, moved from the start with a specific goal in mind: to share dreams and determination. of the young generation of telephony consumers, who are together on their way to an exciting future. From an unknown brand, Realme has exceeded all industry and customer expectations, expanding to more than 61 markets around the world and the Top 5 of the brands of smartphone in more than 18 of these markets, reaching number one in the Philippines and Bangladesh, fourth in India and Russia and fifth in Europe in the second quarter of 2021. Realme became the fastest-growing brand last month, according to data from research firm Strategy Analytics. in the world, with shipments of more than 100 million smartphones.

This phenomenal success was not achieved overnight. As a nascent brand, realme has taken risks in its business strategies from the beginning, such as internationalization. Paying attention to the demands of consumers around the world, it has packed high-quality and highly advanced technologies into a well-designed and easy-to-use product. These initiatives attracted a young audience that quickly became an avid follower of the brand

The brand registers a Rapid growth mainly in South East Asia, India, Central Asia and Middle East Africa and expects strong growth in Latin American and European markets† Realme also prioritizes 5G products: in this sector, its share of emerging markets rose from 8.8% in the first quarter of the year and to 15.9% in second, third place (Counterpoint Q2 data 2021 ).

Sky Li has announced that the following target from Realme will be to achieve a double record: Send another 100 million phones by the end of 2022 and reach the same milestone in calendar year 2023

Finally, with regard to the product strategyRealme strives to optimize its product lines and expand the offer.


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