Razer Zephyr is the strangest anti-Covid mask you will see on the internet – Geekcomparison

Razer unveiled its anti-Covid mask concept “Smart” at CES 2021. Your name? Project Hazel† It filters efficiently, is reusable and leaves the mouth visible. After 9 months, in a slightly different form, Razer is back with Razer Zephyr reminiscent of the masks from Tom Clancy’s The Division game. A mask, not very discreet of course, but that the brand has designed to allow optimal bacterial filtration.

In particular, tested in the laboratory, it shows a BFE index of 99% thanks to its N95 filters† Provides bi-directional protection (in other words, inhaled air is filtered in the same way as exhaled air). These filters are three times stronger than traditional disposable masks, the brand promises, which speaks of three days of filtration. And it’s also good because they aren’t cheap: the pack of 10 filters costs 34.99 euros on the official Razer website.

Razer came in for his mask “Two ventilation chambers that allow air to flow freely in and out of the portable air purifier”† This is evident from the press release shared by the group. To do this, the Razer Zephyr is equipped with a pair of two-speed fans (4200 or 6200 RPM).

RGB LEDs are present both inside and outside the mask. They can also be controlled with the Razer Zephyr app (available on iOS and Android). Finally, the presence of a anti-fog coating applied to the transparent wall. The smile will then be visible and illuminated.

The Razer Zephyr mask is offered for €109.99 and is also available in a bundle with three packs of 10 N95 filters, for €159.99. The bad news is it’s already sold out and we’ll have to wait for the first restock

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