Ram went crazy and several system crashes with latest update – Geekcomparison

Many users complain about various issues with the new MacOS Monterey. The Mac OS seems like a volatile memory management problem† This means that a process or application is using a lot more Ram than it should. Users will then see a message from macOS warning them that RAM will soon be running out.

For example, Gregory McFadden noted that the Control Center took up 26.5 GB of RAM on his computer, four times as much as Final Cut Pro. Control Center is not always the application causing problems – sometimes it is Firefox or other installed applications. Given the number of posts reporting an issue on Twitter or Reddit, it’s clear that this is a pretty widespread bug that Apple needs to fix soon.

The second problem is more troubling: updating Monterey would render some Macs unusable. Users who have upgraded will not be able to use it. The problem seems to be with older generation Macs. Machines that use an Apple M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max processor seem out of the question.

Hopefully, Apple will soon offer a minor update to fix these issues.

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