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It’s not a blockbuster model, but the Fairphone project continues its adventure. For several years now, this brand has been offering smartphones that are so easy to repair that they are praised by iFixit, but above all are durable as in the case of the Fairphone 2, which received an update 5 years after its launch.

The company is now working on a new model, the Fairphone 4which has already received its certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

5G connectivity, Android 11 and price around 700 €

The Wi-Fi certification relaunched by the WinFuture website says nothing about the features of this product. On the other hand, the device is called “Fairphone 4 5G”, we infer without too much fear that it will be compatible with 5G networks. The certification still states the use of Android 11.

Usually, certification of a product by the Wi-Fi Alliance is one of the final stages of design. We can therefore hope for a presentation of the smartphone before the end of the year.

On the official website, Fairphone arouses our curiosity with an announcement of a new product that may be “Turn an entire industry upside down”† By subscribing to the newsletter you have a chance to win this mysterious product, the value of which is estimated by Fairphone at 700 euros.

However, this should not be the final sale price. Fairphone is taking legal precautions, but that suggests it’s a high-end product.

Presentation in September

A closer look at the contest rules reveals that it ends on September 8, 2021 and the winner will be notified on September 17, 2021 before being announced on September 30.

It is therefore easy that the new Fairphone is announced by this latest date.

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