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When you think of smartwatches, the names of Apple, Samsung, Fitbit or Fossil immediately come to mind. However, there are other manufacturers that offer even more technological watches. This is the case with Polar, a manufacturer of sports equipment and in particular heart rate monitors, which has announced two new models for sports, Polar Grit X Pro and Polar Grit X Pro Titan.

As the name suggests, these two smartwatches are actually revisions of the Polar Grit X, launched in April 2020. They therefore offer a very similar design to the previous version with a bezel around the screen and buttons on the right and left. left hand side. However, the fixed ring now has a degree marking with the location of the different cardinal points to be used as a compass.

In addition to this new design, Polar Grit X Pro and Polar Grit X Pro Titan add a software function with support for always on screen: even if the user no longer consults his watch, he sees a watch face on the screen.

A titanium model

As for the differences between the Grit X Pro model and the Grit X Pro Titan version, it concerns the materials used on the bezel. While the Grit X Pro version is designed with a stainless steel bezel, the Titan model benefits from a…titanium frame. This material has the advantage that it is stronger than steel, but also slightly lighter. The Polar Grit X Pro Titan is also equipped with a perforated leather strap.

For the rest of the features, the two new Polar Grit X Pro have a screen with a diameter of 3 cm with a definition of 240 x 240 pixels. They are equipped with GPS chip, WR100 up to 100m depth and can be used for 7 days in watch mode or for 40 hours in training using GPS and heart rate measurement. Among the health and sports monitoring measures, you can record up to 130 sports in addition to the route, analyze your sleep and measure the difference in altitude using an altimeter.

The new Polar Grit X Pro watch is already available for a price of 499 euros while the Titan version is offered for 599 euros.

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