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USB-C has quickly become a gold standard in the technology industry. The success of this reversible connector is due to its practicality, as it allows you to communicate with different protocols based on the devices: USB data transfer, video with DisplayPort, charging with PowerDelivery or Thunderbolt.

However, technology is advancing and even this standard is evolving through the work of USB-IF, the body responsible for the changes. The latest development to come is the move toUSB-C 2.1 and Thunderbolt-based USB 4.

To support these developments, USB-IF has unveiled logos to better identify products compatible with the latest standards. Let’s discover it together!

Well-defined logos

No “SuperSpeed” or “Megacharge” this time, the reference organization has made it more understandable. Compatible products can easily display the logo indicating a charge up to 240W or a data transfer rate up to 40Gb/s.

Devices, cables and chargers: how do you find them?

On USB4 or USB-C 2.1 certified devices, it is possible to display a wording on the box regarding maximum performance, such as “up to 40 Gb/s” or speed “up to 20 Gb/s”. The cables have their own logo to indicate the type of maximum charging speed (up to 240W).

Of course, the indication of fast charging also applies to certified chargers: the 240W speed can provide Power Delivery up to 240W to all types of devices: PCs, tablets, smartphones, headphones, controllers, etc.


As for the release to the market, the first connectors and cables complying with the new specifications will debut in the course of 2022.

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