LG concept puts a shelf on top of a pair of 55-inch transparent OLEDs | GeekComparison

enlarge † LG Display’s OLED shelf. LG screen LG Display wants to make OLED panels more attractive to consumers and is showing off some concepts ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The OLED Shelf concept uses two transparent, 55-inch OLED screens that LG Display initially launched in 2019. They’re 40 percent transparent, but … Read more

Alexa suggests 10-year-old put a penny on partially exposed plug | GeekComparison

WichienTep | Getty Images A 10-year-old girl and her mother were taught the usefulness of voice assistants after Amazon’s Alexa suggested the girl try the TikTok plug-in challenge. According to the girl’s motherKristin Livdahl, the dangerous suggestion came after her daughter Alexa asked for a challenge. Twitter “We did some physical challenges, like lying down … Read more

Facebook removes facial recognition – Geekcomparison

After the rebranding of the parent companyMark Zuckerberg’s social network is preparing for several changes. Indeed† In the coming weeks, Facebook will completely disable the facial recognition feature. Introduced over 10 years ago thanks to facial recognition Facebook has collected a database of more than a billion faces. Database that, after the bitter disputes affecting … Read more