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It’s time for vacation and carefree away from home. However, Nital has thought about home security and is reserving an important offer 2 in 1 on the products of the brands managed by the Business Unit Hinnovation by NitalUntil Wednesday 30 June 2021in fact, they are available on the official website of various bundles that cover the devices of Arloa famous American brand specialized in home security, the lock of nukicbut also the lighting systems smart Cololight and the speaker are S

Some of the products on offer…

Discounts up to 200 euros

This is an unmissable opportunity for users, who have the opportunity to purchase smart devices that are useful for perfect home comfort, as well as the ability to control their home at any time and from any location. An example? Arlo’s Essential Wireless Spotlight Camera along with the system Cololight Pro Starter Setincludes a base and 3 LED panels, at 1″49.99 euros instead of 199.98 eurosor Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight or Essential Spotlight 3 Camera Kit together with Cololight Pro Stone Set – consisting of 6 hexagonal LED panels – respectively a 299.99 euros and 399.99 euros. Also for those who want to increase the security of the home, there is the possibility to Nuki smart lock together with Arlo kitsright away discount of 200 euros. Finally, those who love music can’t help but be seduced by Sonos speaker Roam, portable and waterproof model ideal for taking with you even on vacation.

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