Motorola 312 Labs is born, the new research group for the future – Geekcomparison

Motorola presents 312 Labs, a new group within the telephone company organization. The inauguration of this group was conducted with the company’s policy of bringing technology to market while providing maximum value to customers.

312 Labs will support Motorola in research and development, conducting design, conception and prototyping activities. The group will be tasked with bringing new solutions and mobile technologies to life for the future.

The name “312 Labs” comes from the phone’s area code in Chicago, the place where Motorola’s iconic devices were born. The company’s intent is to create a diversified and multidisciplinary team to realize 360-degree innovation. Some key themes being explored are the connected ecosystem of the future, the metaverse, and the advancement of technologies related to display, VR and AR.

Dan Dery, Motorola’s Vice President of Serviceleft the following statement.

The Motorola 312 Labs are uniquely positioned because their mission is to explore the unknown, but with a research team that has the expertise to turn a concept idea into reality. One of our skills is understanding consumer needs, because there is no point in innovating if you are not delivering value. This is a primary focus for us as we look to the future of mobile technology.

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