Microsoft declares war on passwords – Geekcomparison

Microsoft has announced its intention toMore and more passwords are used by users, providing alternative login methods† In fact, the Redmond group, along with many other industry giants, is trying to create a more secure way to secure user data.

Passwords are inherently insecure. Most cyber attacks are aimed at obtaining secret words from users, which are often reused or otherwise very easy to guess. Not to mention the users who forget them: According to a Microsoft survey, a third of people would rather stop using an account than reset their forgotten password.

Microsoft’s solution is: the extension of alternative login methods for all usersi, previously only available for commercial accounts. The preferred method of accessing most applications is through: Microsoft Authenticator or other tools like Windows Hello.

Passwordless login is implemented in all Windows 10 accounts and Windows 11 start in the coming weeks. At the moment the option is limited to only a few services: Still early to say goodbye to the old authentication methods, but we’ll get there.

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