Microsoft announces Windows 11 release date – Geekcomparison

After a long wait it is finally known the final release date of Windows 11From October 5, users with Windows 10 can take advantage of the update for free. Provided it is clear that your device supports it.

This will be a gradual release. The first to be deployed are new devices with the integrated operating system. As time goes by, Microsoft should gradually expand support, up to a full release date slated for 2022. The various functions will also be introduced gradually.

Remember that although the vast majority of systems will be able to support Windows 11Not everyone will be able to do that. However, Microsoft has already explained it how to check if your device is compatible, and users can still revert to a previous version in case of problems. Windows 7 owners can still upgrade to version 11 by performing a clean install.

However, Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until 2025: certainly enough time to make the switch.

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