Meta promised encryption postponed – Geekcomparison

Encryption on Messenger and Instagram will take a while† Shortly before the summer, Facebook announced it was working on this feature to compete effectively with other messaging services.

Although the feature was scheduled for 2022, the Guardian newspaper confirmed after this postponement that the launch will not take place before 2023. The reason for the delay can be found in the Child protectionIn fact, the fear is that the encryption in Messenger and Instagram allows criminals to escape the various detection systems.

Antigone Davis, Meta’s Product Safety Officer, explained the delay as follows:

We are taking our time to get it right and do not plan to complete the global rollout of end-to-end encryption by default on all our services until 2023.

The service can still detect crime-related issues even with encrypted conversations. Some data, such as account information, is not even encrypted and Meta can use it for analysis.

Some Meta services already offer encryption systems. That is the case with WhatsApp, but also with voice and video calls on Messenger.

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