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Jabra presents new models of true wireless earphones that expand the Elite range, the ones with the most advanced technical features. Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active and Elite 3, these new models have the ambition to reinvent true wireless earphones with their technological content. “Reinventing – explains the manufacturer – means pushing boundaries and this is what Jabra has done for the call technology, comfortable fit, audio experience and design of these new devices.”

And as for the technological content, it is: Jabra Elite 7 Pro, the top model, the one with the highest level of innovation. Thanks especially, but not only, to technology Jabra MultiSensor Voice which guarantees – the manufacturer assures – the best call performance in the true wireless category. The Elite 7 Active show off and then pioneer ShakeGrip coating for people with a more active lifestyle. Jabra Elite 3on the other hand, they guarantee a wide audience of users a quality sound for use on the go, at an affordable and competitive price. But let’s get into details.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro with MultiSensor voice

Introducing innovative technology Jabra MultiSensor Voice for the Elite 7 Pro, it offers maximum clarity in conversations, even in the noisiest of places. More and more users are connecting via voice, which is one of the two most important use cases after music. Jabra MultiSensor Voice combinations a bone conduction sensor, four microphones e specific algorithms to ensure crystal clear calls. Jabra’s expertise in developing intelligent algorithms led to the design of one of the first consumer headsets to use this hybrid technology.

A VPU sensor (voice recording) state-of-the-art in both earbuds makes Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology particularly effective. Intelligent algorithms constantly analyze the types of noise picked up by the built-in microphones and automatically activate the VPU sensor when they detect wind noise. Bone conduction technology is used to transmit voice via jaw vibration, and the intelligent algorithm then uses the best combination of sensor and microphones to ensure maximum clarity of the calling experience.

Further, Active Noise Canceling (ANC) adjustable creates a totally captivating experience. The sound can be further customized by creating a variable audio profile via the app Jabra MySound and using the HearThrough functionthat allows the user to determine exactly how much extraneous noise they want to hear.

Being the Elite 7 Pro reduced by 16% compared to the popular Jabra Elite 75t, the smallest earbuds the company has ever produced to date. Using the database consisting of: 62,000 unique ear scansJabra was able to map the human middle ear and use intuition to completely redesign the headset.

The earphones guarantee: 9 hours of non-stop playback with active noise canceling (ANC) and 35 hours of charging the case. In addition to fast charging that delivers two hours of power in just five minutes, the Elite 7 Pros come with integration for Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

Jabra Elite 7 with ShakeGrip technology

Jabra Elite 7 Active they are specially designed for those who lead one active lifestyle and need a stable grip of the earphones† With the exception of Multisensor Voice technology, the Active version offers the same high-quality experience as the Elite 7 Pro, with four built-in microphones for call technology, plus adjustable ANC

In addition, based on Jabra’s specific know-how in ear research, the use of liquid silicone rubber and a wingless design, the new Elite 7 Active with ShakeGrip they are designed to provide the best fit regardless of the user’s movements during training sessions. In addition, the microphone mesh removes wind noise from conversations, while the audio performance ensures high-level musical enjoyment.

Jabra Elite 3

They are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a rich sound, powerful bass and clear conversations for a low price (79 euros)† After Jabra identified a gap in the market for an affordable headset that still delivers the very best sound quality, Jabra has used all its expertise in this area to create a significant sound an option for everyone

Equipped with 6mm speakers for crystal-clear calling and four-microphone technology, the Jabra Elite 3 also features a premium equalizer, Qualcomm aptX HD audio and a battery life of seven hours (up to 28 with the charging case). The Jabra Elite 3 also offers a excellent sound insulation And, The HearThrough solution allows users to control exactly how much outside sounds they want to hear† The earbuds also provide a comfortable and secure fit throughout the day and come with a sleek design in a new range of colours, including dark grey, navy blue, lilac and light beige.

Prices and availability

The new Jabra Elite 3 will be available September 1, while the Elite 7 Pro and Elite 7 Active will be available October 1. Prices: Elite 7 Pro will be on sale for 199 euros, Elite 7 Active for 179 euros and Elite 3 (as expected) for 79 euros.

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