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The Bitcoin betting follows the trends and fluctuations of the Cryptocurrency market which has been expanding in recent years. This financial sector is constantly evolving and every forecast has large margins for profit but also for error at the same time.

The cryptocurrency market in 2021

The situation in 2021 has undergone significant changes and new factors have come into play, actors such as China, Tesla and famous investment funds, in addition, the discourse on regulation regarding the operations and taxes of this market has begun. The Tax and Customs Administration is preparing to enter this world to establish ground rules and thereby make it more stable and less volatile.

The new projects arise because of their value or the flop they have had, in recent months the situation of altcoins and tokens has also become clearer. Another fundamental element that has contributed to improving the cryptocurrency trend in 2021 is investment by small savers, even though many consultants have advised against betting in such a volatile market. However, partly due to economic stagnation, this is becoming increasingly reliable.

These elements just analyzed in combination with the dynamic movements of the bags and other markets around the world have made 2021 an uphill year for cryptocurrencies, acting as a real springboard.

The future predictions of cryptocurrencies in the market

In light of the data that the experts have found, it is possible to outline possible future scenarios, in the short – medium term, the hype of cryptocurrencies could come to an end, also because it is impossible to sustain a steady rise imagining that cannot last indefinitely. but braking is not at all risky and will in any case be followed by a restart.

While investor behavior may change and earnings may fall, the same reduction in volatility should attract new investors, both large and small, in this sense, market dynamics should remain stable, also thanks to greater regularization of this financial sector.

The new rules for cryptocurrencies promote their market stability

The US and EU are working together to present a regulation to come into force as soon as possible, the European Commission intervened in late September 2021, explaining that the initiative tends to regulate, not ban, precisely to the creation of a single market to support financial recovery around the world. Investment guarantees include checking the custody of assets, mandatory procedures, capital requirements and most importantly, new rights for investors vis-à-vis the issuer.

Companies using Bitcoin

Mastercard was one of the first companies to use Bitcoin, as were many travel agents and Overstock. Even Starbucks has continued its favorable line after several times back and forth, since 2014 Microsoft also uses Bitcoin, as well as the famous fast food chain KFC.

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