Huawei will also sell car chips in the US – Geekcomparison

Two years have passed since the ban imposed on Huawei by the US government† In the United States, even telecommunications products cannot be purchased of the Chinese companybut it seems that a window of salvation is opening for the latter in an unexpected market. We are talking about that of cars.

The US government Huawei has granted a license worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to sell automotive componentssuch as screens, sensors and chips. The reason is that car chips are considered much less dangerous to national security than smartphone chips. In particular, Huawei wants to establish itself in the intelligent vehicle sector, with the aim of helping manufacturers build better cars.

However, the United States will only loosen its grip partially. The government will, in fact, continue with “restrict Huawei’s access to raw materials, software and technologies that could limit US national security and foreign policy interests”. In short, the accusation of espionage remains.

Huawei’s ban seems to have prompted the company diversify their production. On the other hand, the automotive industry is a sector in which the company has been experimenting for some time† We’ll see if the Chinese company will stop there or expand into new products as well.

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