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Whether it’s a blog, an e-commerce, a page dedicated to an economic activity of any kind, or a section devoted to animal care, it’s natural that you’ll want to see your own grow. number of followers organic. The published content actually needs to be read by someone else would that reason exist?

It is of course possible to think of your page as a personal diary in which you periodically publish your thoughts and reflections, but this goes against the nature of social media: social channels are basically means of communication for reach the masses in no time.

More followers means more social exposure to your content. Consequently, it also means: expanding their fan base exponentiallywith people who could buy more products, leave more likes and comments, and recommend the page to more people, creating a chain reaction of visibility that rewarded by the Instagram algorithmin turn, increase your presence on social communication channels.

The question that arises is: how to get more followers on instagram

Whether a person is entering the world of social pages for the first time, or whether he is running a page that has been around for a while, this is a matter of fundamental importance. Everyone wants to see their fan base grow.

Techniques to Increase Instagram Followers

There are countless techniques and tricks to increase your fan base of Instagram followers. Some take longer, others are faster† With a little forethought and above all knowledge of the Instagram algorithm, it is possible to speed up the process naturally and without risk.

Let’s see now most used techniques to increase your visibility on social networks.

Order a follower pack

The first method is represented by follower packs† There are numerous platforms that offer these services. Some are more reliable than others, and it’s easy to spot the good ones. In any case, the package offer for increasing Instagram followers is wide and varied.

Exercise is safe and completely legit† In fact, Instagram does not prohibit the use of this strategy. However, it recognizes when mass buying is ‘unnatural’ and in these cases penalizes the page by removing it from the algorithm results.

So should we give up? Actually no: that’s enough make the purchase wisely, order a few packs at a time and choose the services of reputable and well-known platforms. For example, a good service provides for extending the accreditation of followers over time, in order to meet the criteria of the Instagram algorithm.

This practice is frowned upon by many people. However, it is good to emphasize how, in real life, everybody does it: politicians, musicians, beauticians, hairdressers and many others. It is mainly the people who do this, and this should indicate that this practice is much more widespread than you might think.

THE benefits there are so many:

Greater page visibility, rewarded by the Instagram algorithm;

· New fans participating under the posts;

· Increase in followers, seen by other users as a sign of quality.

Create an effective content editorial plan

Instagram is made of contents: people expose the events of their private lives on social media for everyone to see; companies publish stories, events, short stories, case studies, satisfied customer reviews, issues, customer service, etc. Essentially, it is an extension of the business activities normally conducted in real life.

One of the most followed tips to constantly increase your fan base is to prepare a effective editorial plan† This means planning ahead of time the type of content, the frequency of publication, the stories, the hashtags to use, the time frame, the purpose it is aimed at, the promotional tools and more.

An Instagram profile or page with no content is like an empty box: there’s nothing in it. This logic is all the more true for business pages that promote a business the way people want it to see with their eyes what the company does and why.

there mission is the message, the calling for which a brand offers its services. Every company should have one and show it to the whole world. The editorial plan also serves to represent the purpose of each business on Instagram.

There are countless ways to push your content on social media. Strategy must be an integral part of this system, with the goal always in sight and consistent with the target

Connect with your fans

This very important part is essential to grow your fan base organically and over time. Communicate with your fans it’s vital for any profile or page that really wants to grow.

To connect it’s fine continuously monitor engagement from fans under their posts and in their stories. The engagement, given by the frequency and quality of interactions (likes and comments) on the content by the followers, influences the way Instagram rewards your Page, making it appear in the users’ feed. It goes without saying that increased visibility translates into more interactions, new followers, and potential new leads and customers.

Involvement is important because it is decisive the authenticity of the profile† A page with an exaggerated number of followers but very few interactions can mean two things:

1. The page is fake

2. The page is dying

In both cases, these are undesirable scenarios: Instagram recognizes a decrease in the page’s engagement and discourages its visibility, creating a vicious circle that is harmful to the brand, business and personal image. too many keyboard shortcuts.

In practice, connecting with your fans also means: Interaction with their pages and profiles, re-share their stories, comment on their DMs, make sure they liked the services and more.

Taking a genuine interest in what fans are doing and what they like is the secret ingredient to growing your Page and followers.


The strategies to increase Instagram followers are many, but one does not exclude the other† Everyone can find the right combination tailored to your needs and goals. Sometimes it just takes a little push to start a successful business with real users who are willing to talk about the company mission and spread the products or services everywhere.

The consequences of increased exposure are visible to everyone. Just think of companies like Amazon, which everyone knows and from which everyone buys. The ways to advertise are many, and it’s there creativity from the content creator to determine the success and originality of a promotion.

Authenticity and authenticity are always rewarded. The key lies in the content. Taking the time needed to work out a correct editorial plan can greatly promote the growth of the profile, without, however, excluding the possibility of taking advantage of innovative and absolutely discreet ruses in the eyes of everyone.

Discover the best combinations and turn your business into something unique and unrepeatable

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